We are a Portland, Oregon youth club fostering a culture of being confidently creative.


Check out these upcoming events where you can have fun, learn skills,
and be AWESOME!


We are passionate people with hearts and souls filled with being creative.

Ben Jones Inventor and Super Prototyper

A Portland native, Ben loves community and learning by getting his hands dirty.

In 2013, Ben created PDX DIY with a passion to help youth in Portland, Oregon.

Ben be found on at @bensjones

Kelly Jones Stitching Wizard and Felting Ninja

Kelly is a killer stitcher of amazing things and loves spending time designing and creating!

She has been helping make PDX DIY successful since day one.

Her crafts can be found at
Meme & SaySay Etsy Shop

Alison Anderson Teacher of
All Things Cool

Alison is a media specialist at Madeleine, a K8 school in NE Portland. She is working to integrate the maker movement into the computer lab and library.

Chicago native (hence the accent)

Alison can be found on at @tedrosececi

Guy Maresh Circuits Tamer and Robot Builder

It is hard to say what Guy, hasn't done. An inventor and electrical engineer, Guy really helps with the details of our projects at PDX DIY.

Outside of PDX DIY, Guy can be found scaling cliffs and tinkering with electronics.

Jessie Maran Thinker and Pattern Seeker

With bottomless curiosity, Jessie is a perpetual and voracious student. She has her arms wrapped around the big picture and one eye on the details.